Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Membership Drive

The New Membership Drive is underway, along with the 10 Minute Play Festival submissions.
Fall may seem a quite time for TST performance wise, but lots of pre-production going as we gear up for 2012.

Here's the info on Membership Submission.

The Award-winning and critically acclaimed Towne Street Theatre,
now in its 18th year, is looking to expand our core family of artists...
Our mission is creating and affecting social change in a positive way through our varied creative endeavors. TST produces mainstage shows (both original and published), a ten-minute play festival, youth productions; staged readings of plays, screenplays and novels; spoken word nights, touring shows, and more.

Being a TST member gives you a creative home that is nurturing, familial, mentoring and supportive of the individual creative evolution. Privileges of membership are an opportunity to create new work, explore opportunities in various areas, priority in casting, writing, directing, and design, workshops, classes, talent referrals, expanded online profiles, etc.  

We are particularly interested in the hybrid talent amongst us and are seeking those with a diverse training background and an interest in multi-disciplinary theater, film, literary and visual artwork. We are looking for actors, technicians, directors, producers, writers, designers, stage managers, and visual and spoken word artists who thrive in multiple areas. For example, do you know how to design a postcard, build a set, hang lights? Do you have skills in film-making, event planning, fundraising, etc. If you submit, be sure to share these things with us.

All the various skills of our members are folded into our company. We are a community dedicated to creating, refining, and exercising our company aesthetic and producing dynamic productions with layered resonance.
Please view our website at before submitting so you can have a better understanding of our company and our work.

Although our primary mission is creating, producing and presenting work that is reflective of the African-American experience, we live in and seek a diverse community of artists, as our work and lives intersect with all cultures. ALL ethnicities and ages 18 and up are welcomed and encouraged to submit.  

  • Ethical
  • Collaborative
  • Community Oriented

  • Passionate
  • Driven
  • Motivated
  • Innovative
ALL members must commit to ALL areas of production, be it technical, stage crew, house management, ushering, as well as participate in reading committees, fundraising, community outreach, and development. TST is a dues paying membership company. Dues help with general operating expenses such as space rental, website hosting, materials, etc. 

If you would like to join our family, please Email the following to us:
  • Picture & resume, writing & design samples
  • A link if you have an online profile
  • A statement of intent: Why are you interested in becoming a member?
  • Your list of interests, skills & abilities: What do you bring to the table?
  • Your philosophical & ethical artistic beliefs: What is YOUR aesthetic passion? 

Send your submission to
with “Company Membership” in the subject line.

Auditions/Interviews are by appointment only.
Thank you,
TST Membership Committee

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